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Girls Opportunity Alliance

A young girl is standing in front of a wall with posters on it speaking into a microphone and smiling. The girl has closely cut dark hair and medium deep skin. She is wearing a blue short sleeved button-down shirt, a striped blue tie, and a dark blue skirt. Behind her are two posters: the poster on the left says problem tree and features a tree covered by an assortment of index cards in the colors orange, pink, and yellow. The poster on the right say solution tree and features a tree covered by an assortment of index cards in orange and blue.

Our Impact

The Girls Opportunity Alliance seeks to empower and educate adolescent girls around the world, allowing them to achieve their full potential and transform their families, communities, and countries.

When girls get the opportunities they deserve, our whole world benefits. That’s why our program works to:

  • Connect Leaders and Strengthen Their Impact

    The Girls Opportunity Alliance Network is a growing community of 4,000 grassroots organization leaders—from Chicago to Vietnam—dedicated to adolescent girls’ education and empowerment. The Alliance facilitates the exchange of ideas, information, and resources to help leaders learn and scale their work to reach more girls around the world. Being a part of the Network offers leaders and organizations access to in-person regional convenings and Foundation-wide programming, virtual capacity building workshops in collaboration with expert stakeholders, and opportunities to build connections with other leaders serving girls globally.

  • Inspire Action and Commitments Globally

    The Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund supports grassroots organizations and enables individuals to donate to projects that break down critical barriers for girls. To date, the Girls Opportunity Alliance has supported more than 120 grassroots organizations in more than 30 countries. This funding has impacted more than 120,000 girls around the world—from providing scholarships and mentorship to funding new learning centers and school dormitories.

  • Empower Adolescent Girls to Learn and Take Action

    The Girls Opportunity Alliance is committed to offering new opportunities to help girls learn and grow—particularly in the neighborhoods surrounding the future Obama Presidential Center. To-date, the Alliance has invited girls across the city to participate in cultural events, volunteer activities, and career exposure opportunities with high-profile companies.

Impact Facts and Figures

  • 4,000+

    grassroots leaders in our network

  • 120,000+

    girls supported globally

  • 10,000+

    individual donors

  • 140+ projects funded in 33 countries

    across Asia, Africa, North America, and South America

A young woman stands on an outdoor terrace, smiling in the camera while holding a notebook. The young woman has an olive complexion and long dark hair. She is wearing a blue floral blouse that has an traditional indigeous Mexican pattern and a dark blue skirt. Behind her is a concrete pathway and the outside of a green building with a red awning.

Support Young Women

You can support young women around the world through the Girls Opportunity Alliance Fund.

Donate on GoFundMe
Michelle Obama is standing in a classroom hugging a child while smiling. Michelle Obama has a medium deep skin tone and has long curly braids of which half are pulled up and the other half a flowing down her back and shoulders. She is wearing a colorful headband, gold geometric earrings, multiple gold braclets, and a blue patterned shirt. The child she is hugging is facing opposite the camera. The child has closely cut dark hair and is wearing a white t-shirt.

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